Wild West Chili Pizza


2 T. Canola or olive oil
1 med. Onion (chopped)
1 T. Garlic (chopped)
2 t. Cumin
2 t. Chili Powder
1 8-oz. can Tomato sauce
1 15-oz. can Kidney beans, dark red (drained)
1 15-oz. can Pinto beans (drained)
3 c. Cornbread batter (use your favorite recipe)
1/2 c. Sweet corn (frozen)
1 med. Red bell pepper (seeded and chopped)
3 T. Salsa (mild or medium)


In a large saucepan heat oil; add chopped onion. Saute over medium heat until onion is clear. Add chopped garlic and spices; saute another 2 minutes. Add tomato sauce and beans. Stir well; remove from heat and set aside. Spray 14-inch round pizza pan with nonstick cooking spray. Spread cornbread batter evenly over pan. Bake 400 deg. F. 8 minutes; remove from oven. Spread chili mixture over top. Sprinkle sweet corn and red pepper over top. Return to oven; bake 10 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Garnish with salsa.

Yields: 12 3-1/2-inch slices.

Nutritional Information:

Per Slice: Calories: 136; Fat: 2.9 g; Sat. Fat:1 g; Sodium: 28.9 mg; Carbs: 21.1 g; Dietary Fiber: 6.2 g; Sugar: 1.4 g; Protein: 6.9 g.