Give Peas a Chance

I have yet to meet a vegetable I didn’t like . . . eventually. Take avocado, for example. I mean that figuratively, of course. I will hide avocados with the chocolate to keep them safe, if necessary. But that was not always the case. Avocados are actually a fruit masquerading as a vegetable, and when […]

An Eco-Friendly Christmas

The holidays are a time of gathering together and celebrating. All of those festivities, though, can lead to a lot of unnecessary waste. (Just try throwing a party and not using an extra trash bag or two!) That is not to say you shouldn’t gather and be merry! There is no need to give up […]

No-Meat Athletes

When it comes to world-class athletes, there’s a proven principle: plants can fuel people through the most demanding sports on the planet. Consider ultramarthoner Scott Jurek, a vegan since 1999, who set a U.S. record in 2010 for running 165.7 miles in 24 hours. Primarily plant-powered Tour de France bicyclist, Dave Zabriskie, set the record […]

Planning a Green Baby Shower

It’s easy to throw an eco-friendly baby shower with a few quick adjustments to the usual routine. Start off right — go paperless! The pre-designed cards at Punchbowl ( are cute and easy to manipulate — five minutes from start to send. Comparable services exist at and Your matching set of custom save […]

Green Cleaning

With an arsenal of cleaning supplies handily available on aisle seven, plus the fact that I abhor cleaning, it hadn’t crossed my mind to make my own natural products. Yet when my wobbly nephew recently chewed the edge of the coffee table, freshly smeared with jelly, I raced to the rescue. I want him to be able to lick every surface in the house in a gross-yet-worry-free spree of toddlerness. But I’ve used commercial cleaning agents throughout my home with unspellable and potent—even poisonous—components. What residues have I—and others—been unintentionally inhaling, absorbing through the skin, or even eating?
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