Xeriscape Experiment

Finishing the landscaping around our house

The hubby and I wrapped up this year’s landscaping attempt with two half-price perennials from Home Depot. We’re excited to try Dipladenias, which can grow as large as you train them, in our xeriscape, drought-tolerant garden. Normally, we’ve purchased plants from High Country Gardens, where the site will let you know what grows best in your area and recommend different plantlife based on rainfall. High Country Gardens also has an edible plant category, so you can enjoy foliage two ways. We love buying rare bulbs and seedlings here.
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Rabbit-proof Gardens

Grrr. I admit it — I was angry. Walking along the gardens that flank my porch, I was aghast to see all my hard work transplanting seedlings and starters had been ravaged by pests. And large pests of the fuzzy bunny type chew straight down to the core. Squash, zucchini and cucumber were indistinguishable without leaves. Totally armless, stick figures of tomatoes, eggplant and pepper waved in the wind. I had to start again, losing weeks from my growing season. What could I do to keep the rabbits from eating my second efforts?
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The Gardening Begins

It’s planting time in Kansas! Okay, so it’s been planting time for a while, but I don’t have my own tiller. I had to wait out a few rainy weeks before my parents could bring theirs across from Missouri and dig up my patch. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I’d already started seeds indoors using egg crates (pictured). I still have plenty of things to start from scratch, but the lettuces, radishes and carrots will take no time to sprout.
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