The Gardening Begins

It’s planting time in Kansas! Okay, so it’s been planting time for a while, but I don’t have my own tiller. I had to wait out a few rainy weeks before my parents could bring theirs across from Missouri and dig up my patch. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I’d already started seeds indoors using egg crates (pictured). I still have plenty of things to start from scratch, but the lettuces, radishes and carrots will take no time to sprout.

It’s been really exciting to nab a few new seeds from my favorite place on the web, Seeds of Change. Among other things, this year I am trying scallopini squash, yellow watermelon, finger-sized eggplants and several varieties of colorful lettuces. We have two foundling blueberry bushes straddling the front steps, and a row of kale and cabbages growing hardily alongside the house. I’m also starting a mini garden on our screened back porch, growing a few container herbs and tomatoes to ward off a complete loss from unexpected hail or storms.

I’m looking for ideas on ways to make a pretty border around mine, keeping the dogs and wildlife out without restricting easy access. I’m thinking of a taller, latticed fence, then a small bricked, trough around the edges lined with strawberries or other perennials.

Do you have pictures of your garden to share? I’d love to see it. Post a link to your blog or hosted picture in the comments.

Post Author: Christine Emming