About Us

What makes Vibrant Life different from other health magazines?

Jesus spent a lot of time healing mind, body, and spirit. Vibrant Life shares His ministry by meeting people where they are and by providing information and encouragement that will help them live abundantly.

We strive to present health principles in a modern way that works for people who are busy. We want to give practical, affordable suggestions that fit into demanding schedules and help people prevent and fight disease. For example, some upcoming topics include healthy foods for less than 50 cents, five-minute health boosters, four-ingredient recipes (that are healthy), the benefits of Sabbath rest, and simple exercises you can do at home without equipment or a gym membership.

When people open the magazine, they’ll see a fresh, new design full of color and life. For the first time we have a regular column and a blog about going green that describes how we can be better stewards of our environment. We have a Trend Watch column that offers a holistic, perspective on health fads, a variety of accomplished chefs sharing their favorite recipes, first hand experiences about making healthy changes, more information for young families trying to make healthy choices, and short quick articles that are easy to read.

How are you incorporating spirituality into health?

Spirituality is a beautiful component of overall health. Having a relationship with God empowers people to make positive changes in their lives. If you’re struggling with depression or hopelessness, it affects your activity level, your diet, and your overall wellbeing. Conversely, when your life includes healthy components such as rest, healthful foods, strong relationships, fresh air and exercise; you’ve cleared the way for spiritual growth. Vibrant Life recognizes the undeniable connection of the mental, physical, and spiritual components of life.

Who is Vibrant Life written for?

Whether you are fit and vigorous or have just received a frightening diagnosis, Vibrant Life has health information that will help you move closer to the life you were designed to live. It is perfect for sharing with people who may have never heard of this Christian approach to whole-person health. It’s a wonderful way to introduce people to God’s plan for us to have harmony of mind, body, and spirit. You can give a subscription to neighbors, friends, or coworkers; order a stack to place in a local grocery store, business, or doctor’s office; or use it as a part of local church health initiatives, such as blood drives or cooking classes.