My Final Thought

So, this is It . . . my last week writing to you. It’s very hard for me to believe this time has come, and yet here it is. A whole year has gone by and in that year so much has changed. I think back to new health advances and technologies, the state of our country, and even the changes in my own life, and I’m overwhelmed. Life truly is a beautiful and precious thing.

A couple of weeks ago I have to admit I was feeling rather sorry for myself. It had just been one of those days where I wanted to pull my hair out! The kids tested my every last nerve, and I couldn’t keep on top of my blood sugars––let alone anything else. In fact, when I went to work that evening my co-worker (who also happens to be a very good friend) asked me if something was the matter. And of course I just unloaded! I think in one sentence I described it all. I said: “I’m emotionally and physically exhausted. All I really want to do is throw this insulin pump across the room and eat a meal without meticulously questioning every morsel of food that enters my mouth.” She replied “Well, honey, that’s not an option; so what else can you do?” I laughed out loud and thanked her for the reality check.

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A Day At The Gym

Week after week I write to you about health. And although I try to mix it up a little bit, I always find myself coming back to exercising. That’s probably because this is where my own personal success lies in my quest toward better health.

So, this week instead of reading an article about exercise, I thought you might like to join me at the gym for a workout. You’re invited to come with me on one of my personal training sessions. Check out some of the exercises I’m doing, and incorporate them into your own workout. Or if you’re not currently in an exercise program, hopefully this will inspire you to start.

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The Family Road Trip, Part 2

So, what I told you last week came true. Our family road trip/vacation was a disaster! It never fails; we have the worst luck.

Let me share my drama. First of all, we were supposed to leave on Tuesday which then turned into Wednesday, so it was a late start to begin with. Then to beat it on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning baby Zachary (who’s now 9 months old) woke up sick with a cough. I have to admit I was a little concerned just because his cough had a very deep and wet sound to it. The nurse in me thought well, it’s just probably a cold; he’ll be sick whether we stay or go. However, the mommy in me had a very uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Something just didn’t feel right to me.

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The Family Road Trip

So, this week we’re leaving on a “vacation”. I call it that because anything outside of a thirty-mile radius of our home is a vacation!

However, I’m really dreading it. Not because I don’t want to go visit my husband’s family or see his brother graduate from college. No, I’m dreading it because for some reason we always live a vacation nightmare.

I’m sure you know how it goes. No matter how hard you try, something inevitably goes wrong despite your every desperate attempt to make it go right!

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Run For Life

Run Forrest Run! For some reason (unknown to me) that line from the famous movie “Forrest Gump” always seems to pop into my head whenever I see people running. It’s just the oddest thing ever.

What is it that propels Forrest to keep running? He’s like the Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going and going . . . until one day he stops. I have to admit that I’m drawn into what may have been his sense of focus and purpose. On the other hand, did he really have a purpose, or was he simply running? Let’s face it; his life was not a bed of sweet-smelling roses, but a life of perseverance. He always seemed to “rise above the occasion” and see the “silver lining.” A good lesson for all of us!

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Planting A Spiritual Garden

I have to admit I was blessed with a green thumb (inherited from my father who for as long as I can remember has been a landscaper). Growing up in Illinois my dad owned his own landscaping company, and although I really don’t know much about flowers or plants, somehow in my presence they grow. Also, even when they appear to be dying, I can revive them back to health.

However, I don’t necessarily enjoy gardening in any way, shape, or form. Getting my hands dirty with mother earth isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t like dirt, especially under my nails, and I don’t like what lives in the dirt either (no creepy, crawly insects for me)!

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Here’s the scene: Sunday morning, heading to the gym in my “grubbies” (which translates to a baggy T-shirt, old pair of workout pants, and of course, freshly un-showered). On the treadmill getting ready for my morning jog; ipod’s all set to go and I’m off. I caught a glimpse of my trainer, Brad, coming out […]

The Push-Up Test

Well, it was a big weekend at my house. We finally had my son’s baby dedication, considering he’s almost not a baby anymore at 7½ months old. It’s kind of sad to think he’ll be a toddler in just a few short months. I almost feel like a baby itch is coming on, but what am I . . . crazy?

Anyways, we had some family here for the weekend; my parents, aunt, and cousins, as well as my father in-law. So, our house was full and loud which was really nice! I always dreamed of a big family with lots of kids. My husband and I wanted at least four, but then we actually had kids plus I got diabetes. So I think we’ve settled on two, but in my heart I secretly still hope for more. (Don’t tell my husband, he’ll freak out!)

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What's In Your Water?

Have you ever seen the commercial for the Capital One credit cards? If you watch T.V., I’m sure you have. Anyways, in the commercial the person getting ready to make a purchase pulls out their credit card, and all of a sudden there are people trying to attack the credit-card user. Just as everything is about to break loose, it shows the person using a Capital One credit card and the crowd gives a big sigh of relief. Then the ever catchy phrase is spouted out: “What’s in your wallet?”

I’ve decided that the EPA or FDA needs to make a commercial like this regarding our water supply. Maybe it could go something like this. . . . A young girl is about to turn on the faucet to get a refreshing drink of tap water when, all of a sudden she’s being attacked by chemicals and drugs in her water. Luckily she’s saved by bottled water, and then this catchy phrase would chime: “What’s in your water?”

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Spring Ahead

SLEEP! I’m literally crying out for sleep. I don’t care about anything else but sleeping. I’m so exhausted I’m barely functioning––seriously. It has been an absolutely horrible few weeks all packed full with no sleep. I’m cranky, moody, and virtually on the point of a meltdown. And to just make matters worse, there was a time change this weekend which resulted in a loss of one more hour of sleep.

Any of you feel the same? What’s your culprit for lack of sleep? Mine is the kids. They’re both teething right now, my daughter with two-year molars and the baby with his first set of pearly whites. I wonder why kids can’t just get all their teeth at one time. It seems so much more logical from a parent’s point of view. One big painful event and then it would be over. Oh, well; that’s life I guess.

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