Five More Reasons for Walking

The skeletons in my workout closet are many-an unused athletic club membership, a dusty NordicTrack, a lonely ab-buster. All purchased with the best of intentions. But, alas, they have all fallen to the same fate: while they may have physically challenged me, mentally I was “bored out of my gourd.” Consequently, I became a fitness failure, a workout wannabe.

Then one day my family upset me. Husband, sons, the cat; I can’t remember which one started it, but in the end I decided to take a walk to blow off steam. After 10 minutes I felt better. And after 20 minutes the argument seemed miles away.

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A Day At The Gym

Week after week I write to you about health. And although I try to mix it up a little bit, I always find myself coming back to exercising. That’s probably because this is where my own personal success lies in my quest toward better health.

So, this week instead of reading an article about exercise, I thought you might like to join me at the gym for a workout. You’re invited to come with me on one of my personal training sessions. Check out some of the exercises I’m doing, and incorporate them into your own workout. Or if you’re not currently in an exercise program, hopefully this will inspire you to start.

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Here’s the scene: Sunday morning, heading to the gym in my “grubbies” (which translates to a baggy T-shirt, old pair of workout pants, and of course, freshly un-showered). On the treadmill getting ready for my morning jog; ipod’s all set to go and I’m off. I caught a glimpse of my trainer, Brad, coming out […]