My Final Thought

So, this is It . . . my last week writing to you. It’s very hard for me to believe this time has come, and yet here it is. A whole year has gone by and in that year so much has changed. I think back to new health advances and technologies, the state of our country, and even the changes in my own life, and I’m overwhelmed. Life truly is a beautiful and precious thing.

A couple of weeks ago I have to admit I was feeling rather sorry for myself. It had just been one of those days where I wanted to pull my hair out! The kids tested my every last nerve, and I couldn’t keep on top of my blood sugars––let alone anything else. In fact, when I went to work that evening my co-worker (who also happens to be a very good friend) asked me if something was the matter. And of course I just unloaded! I think in one sentence I described it all. I said: “I’m emotionally and physically exhausted. All I really want to do is throw this insulin pump across the room and eat a meal without meticulously questioning every morsel of food that enters my mouth.” She replied “Well, honey, that’s not an option; so what else can you do?” I laughed out loud and thanked her for the reality check.

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