Healthy Gardening

Do you give your yard a lick and a promise once a month purely out of respect for the neighbors? Do you enjoy gardening, but seldom take time to dig in the dirt? Maybe you need a new perspective on gardening to motivate you.

Gardening affords you access to the fresh air and exercise you need. It’s a wonderful, creative outlet. To many people, gardening is also therapeutic. One friend says, “When I’m angry or upset about something, I go out and pull weeds. When I’m depressed or sad, I putter with the plants. To me, gardening is comforting, and I always leave my garden feeling better.”

Mary is a cancer patient and an avid gardener. She says, “My garden is my therapy. It’s constant renewal. Working in my garden or just walking through it after work slows me down and helps me to refocus my thoughts.”

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Xeriscape Experiment

Finishing the landscaping around our house

The hubby and I wrapped up this year’s landscaping attempt with two half-price perennials from Home Depot. We’re excited to try Dipladenias, which can grow as large as you train them, in our xeriscape, drought-tolerant garden. Normally, we’ve purchased plants from High Country Gardens, where the site will let you know what grows best in your area and recommend different plantlife based on rainfall. High Country Gardens also has an edible plant category, so you can enjoy foliage two ways. We love buying rare bulbs and seedlings here.
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Yes, You Can Grow Alfalfa or Clover Sprouts

Prep Time: 2 minutes a day
Growing Time: 6-7 days
Yield: 4 cups
Cost per serving: $0.16

You can buy a set of 3 plastic sprouting lids (fine, medium and coarse mesh) and a sprouting chart for about $5 at most natural food stores. Or you can make your own screen with cheese cloth (available at grocery stores) and a rubber band to hold it in place.)

Equipment needed:
• Wide-mouth quart jar
• Fine-mesh sprouting lid
• Medium-mesh sprouting lid
• Cereal bowl

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Planting A Spiritual Garden

I have to admit I was blessed with a green thumb (inherited from my father who for as long as I can remember has been a landscaper). Growing up in Illinois my dad owned his own landscaping company, and although I really don’t know much about flowers or plants, somehow in my presence they grow. Also, even when they appear to be dying, I can revive them back to health.

However, I don’t necessarily enjoy gardening in any way, shape, or form. Getting my hands dirty with mother earth isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t like dirt, especially under my nails, and I don’t like what lives in the dirt either (no creepy, crawly insects for me)!

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