Spring Ahead

SLEEP! I’m literally crying out for sleep. I don’t care about anything else but sleeping. I’m so exhausted I’m barely functioning––seriously. It has been an absolutely horrible few weeks all packed full with no sleep. I’m cranky, moody, and virtually on the point of a meltdown. And to just make matters worse, there was a time change this weekend which resulted in a loss of one more hour of sleep.

Any of you feel the same? What’s your culprit for lack of sleep? Mine is the kids. They’re both teething right now, my daughter with two-year molars and the baby with his first set of pearly whites. I wonder why kids can’t just get all their teeth at one time. It seems so much more logical from a parent’s point of view. One big painful event and then it would be over. Oh, well; that’s life I guess.

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