What's In Your Water?

Have you ever seen the commercial for the Capital One credit cards? If you watch T.V., I’m sure you have. Anyways, in the commercial the person getting ready to make a purchase pulls out their credit card, and all of a sudden there are people trying to attack the credit-card user. Just as everything is about to break loose, it shows the person using a Capital One credit card and the crowd gives a big sigh of relief. Then the ever catchy phrase is spouted out: “What’s in your wallet?”

I’ve decided that the EPA or FDA needs to make a commercial like this regarding our water supply. Maybe it could go something like this. . . . A young girl is about to turn on the faucet to get a refreshing drink of tap water when, all of a sudden she’s being attacked by chemicals and drugs in her water. Luckily she’s saved by bottled water, and then this catchy phrase would chime: “What’s in your water?”

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