Mexican Lasagna


2 c. refried beans
1 c. water
12 corn tortillas (cut in four pieces, making triangle shapes)
1/2 c. green chilies (diced)
1/2 c. black olives (sliced)
1 c. brown rice
1/4 c. scallions
1 1/2 c. picante sauce (mild)
2 T. jalapeno peppers (sliced)


1 c. crushed tortilla chips
1 c. shredded lettuce
1 c. tomatoes (fresh, diced)
1 c. guacamole (served on the side)
1 c. hot sauce (mild, medium, or hot)


Preheat oven to 400 deg. F.
Mix together refried beans and water; set aside.
Layer ingredients in 9″ deep pie plate in this order: refried beans, tortilla triangles (line plate so that triangles completely cover the dish in one layer), green chilies, black olives, rice, scallions, picante sauce, jalapeno peppers (optional).
Repeat layers, ending with refried beans and jalapeno peppers.
Cover with aluminum foil; bake 30 minutes until hot and bubbly.
Remove from oven; add crushed tortilla chips, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Serve hot with side of guacamole and hot sauce.

Yiled: One 9″ Mexican lasagna pie cut into 4 1-cup servings.

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: calories: 242; fat: 9 grams; saturated fat: 1.2 grams; sodium: 510 milligrams; carbohydrates: 34.7 grams; dietary fiber: 6 grams; protein: 6 grams.