Adventures in Grooming

With just a little over a week left in my pregnancy I decided it was time to give myself a little pampering. Over the past nine months I have pampered everything else in my life, so why not me? I have cleaned every nook-and-cranny inside and outside of my house that I can find, busily decorated the baby’s room and washed all of his clothing. Also, I have renovated one of our bathrooms (with my husband’s help, of course). I have done extra shopping and packed my bag for the hospital, not to mention the countless times I have rearranged and reorganized cabinets, closets, and drawers. To say the least, I’m DONE!

The sad part is my baby isn’t here yet. Can you tell I’m getting a little anxious? So, I decided this past week I would do a little maintenance on myself. It was time for some personal grooming. I began by setting up a babysitter for my daughter, and then I excitedly planned my trip to the salon/spa. First, I started with a manicure and pedicure. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was! I would have paid double if the lady doing my nails would have rubbed my hands and feet for an extra hour. I couldn’t imagine anything more heavenly right now! I’m even considering going back again this week.

Second was my appointment for my hair, which by the way was in desperate need of attention. I held out to the very end of my pregnancy to get it done, so I could look good for delivery (ha, ha)! Does anyone look good when they go to have a baby? Anyway, I went to the salon and got my hair cut and highlighted. When I first arrived they massaged my shoulders and neck, and then I got a scalp massage when they shampooed my hair. Oh, let me tell you it was such a glorious day!

Third was the last of the grooming that I did myself at home. Because, let’s face it: If I had done everything at the salon, I would have paid a fortune. So I ended my little adventure in grooming with shaving, plucking, trimming, and exfoliating. That part wasn’t as glamorous as the rest, but I felt it needed to be done. I even bought myself some new cosmetics a few months back to help update my look and make me feel special. So now I’m ready to have a baby, but still no baby.

I would probably guess that most everyone would agree that personal hygiene is important. It’s not just important, but it’s a vital part of our health. We all can’t go to the salon every day for a professional grooming, but we can do our own daily maintenance. We shower and shave, trim our nails, comb our hair, and brush our teeth––just to name a few. Not only is personal hygiene important to our well-being, but looking our best also boosts our self-esteem. Did you know that microscopic bacteria grows on your skin, and by taking a shower each day you’re helping to fight infection? Also, guess what gives you that unmistakable odor if you don’t wear deodorant; you got it, bacteria again.

Bacteria lives everywhere, and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So, here is a list from to help with your personal hygiene:

• washing of the body and hair frequently.
• frequent washing of hands and/or face.
• Oral hygiene—Daily brushing and flossing teeth in avoidance of
bad breath.
• Cleaning of the clothes and living area.
• General avoidance of bodily fluids such as feces, urine and
• Not touching animals before eating, or washing hands
thoroughly between touching and eating.
• Holding a tissue over the mouth or using the upper arm/elbow
region when coughing or sneezing, rather than a bare hand.
Alternatively, washing hands afterwards.
• Suppression of habits such as nose-picking, touching the face,
• Not licking fingers before picking up sheets of paper.
• Not biting nails.
• Wear clean underwear and clothing daily.
• Washing hands after using toilet.
• Not borrowing towels, hair brush and other personal

So, I know that not everyone is going to the salon to get what I call “elaborate grooming,” but I think we can all agree that it’s important to stay neat and clean for our own health. And in my opinion if you make it to the salon every couple of months, it’s a trip well worth it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! When it comes to personal hygiene, a little pampering never hurt anyone. Happy Grooming!