Junk in the Trunk

A couple of months ago my husband and I were driving in the car discussing weight issues and workout tips. My husband was complaining about his "junk in the trunk." If you saw my husband, you would quickly realize he doesn't have any "junk in the trunk." And I quickly piped in saying," you think you have junk in the trunk, what about my junk in the front?"
O.K., so you have to know I'm not really talking about the mess in the back or front seat of my car. No, I'm talking to you about the junk in your backside, you know your derriere. Come on, you have to admit it that every now and then you catch yourself on tip toes peering into the mirror wondering how your butt looks. Does it look big? Does it look flabby or saggy? Or, maybe it just looks lumpy and bumpy. Women are especially good at asking how their butt looks. My famous line is: "Honey, does this make my butt look big?" My husband has finally learned the correct answer is "NO," and then I end up changing into different clothes anyway.

Your butt is just one of those places where you can first tell if you have been cheating on your diet, or maybe skipping out on the gym. Most of us sit on it all day long, so by the end of the day it really is in need of some serious exercise! Let's face it; some of us have been blessed to be born with a nice derriere, but for the rest of us who are sick of hopping, skipping, and jumping across the room to get our jeans on over our backsides, here are some exercises for you from FitnessMagazine.com:
"A squat is one of the best lower-body exercises for targeting your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves," says Bethni Lown, a trainer at The Gym in New York City. Do three of each move.

Beginner: Ball Squat

  1. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, place a stability ball between your lower back and a wall, hands on hips.
  2. Bend your knees 90 degrees, making sure they don't go past your toes.
  3. Return to start and complete 12 times.
Intermediate: Side-to-Side Squat

  1. Stand with right side facing a step, hands on hips, right foot on top, left foot on floor.
  2. Bend knees 90 degrees. Stand up and push off with right foot as you hop onto other side of step.
  3. Repeat on left side, alternating 10 times.
Advanced: Crab Squat

  1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and turned out 45 degrees.
  2. Bend knees 90 degrees into a squat, keeping torso upright and knees over ankles.
  3. From that position, step left foot to the right, walking sideways.
  4. Take about 10 steps to the right and repeat on the left.

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These are some of my personal favorite glute exercises. Plus, they actually work. Trust me; you will feel the burn! And the great thing is that once you get comfortable with these you can start to add resistance with weights and then you really will feel the burn. And the next thing you know your jeans will slip on like butter. Isn't that great?
But it's not enough just to do target exercises for your butt. According to About.com
“We often forget that there are cardio activities that will also engage the backside.” So here are the top five cardio workouts to enhance your tush.

Hiking is one of those activities and it also burns tons of calories because you're typically going up steep mountains and maybe even getting into thin air, which requires lots of energy. Also, walking up an incline automatically gets your glutes more involved and, if you're wearing a backpack, you're really getting a workout. Plus, you get to see nature at its best. A 140-lb person burns about 390 calories in about an hour.
Riding a bike is great for your heart, and it also targets almost every muscle in your hips, thighs, and butt. On a stationary bike, alternate 3 minutes at 70-80 RPM with 2 minutes at 100-110 RPM for a calorie-blasting 30-minute workout. You can also try Spinning at the gym or riding outside. Gear up to really work your glutes! A 140-lb person burns 335 calories in 45 minutes.
Running, like walking, is accessible, easy to learn, reduces stress, helps in weight loss, and it makes you feel good. Plus, it really works your butt, especially when you add a few hills to your regular running route. Sprints are another option for folks wanting to both burn more calories and tighten up the old tush. A 140-lb person burns 475 calories during a 45-minute jog.
Kickboxing was a hot item back in the day, but it's still a great workout. Controlled kicks work your hips, thighs, and butt; while complex combinations that include punches will target your abs to make them stronger. A 140-lb woman will burn up to 500 calories with 45 minutes of kickboxing.
Walking is easy: you can do it anywhere, anytime with no special equipment. There's no learning curve, and it's something you can incorporate all day long. If you walk up hills, you can really target your glutes and, if you pick up the intensity, you'll burn some of that extra flab off your buns. A 140-lb person burns about 300 calories an hour during a brisk walk.
So, now it's time to put a little hustle in that muscle that seldom leaves it seat. Get your booty into gear, and get some great results. Your jeans will go on without a hitch!