FURemover: Pet hair removal without waste

Furremover Last week I found this FURemover, a zippy brush that promises painless pet fur removal, for sale at my local Walmart for $4.99. I was skeptical. I’ve been promised results before. But, aware that my foot-long lint roller with sticky sheets made for pet hair removal was using 8-10 sheets on a single couch, I thought it was probably worth a try. I have three couches (well, two plus a loveseat), and several pet beds throughout the house that need a good once-over after a hot summer with two dogs and cat nesting in them.

Typically, I buy replacement rolls several times a year. My usual method is to vacuum each couch first, removing the easy, surface fur with the vacuum’s brush extension; then, I use the lint roller to nab embedded hair that needs extra prodding. I’m not a fan of spending $8 for a single bout of hair removal, so I crossed my fingers and bought the thing.

And this brush works. Truly. While it’s not a one-step solution, like the expensive lint-rolling stickers that grab the hair and bear it away with them, the slightly sticky fingers of this brush fluff the embedded pet hair up from your couch cushions and move it to the edge, where you then vacuum it up. Still very simple and I’m not throwing away dozens of expensive, hairy stickers on a quarterly basis. This works really well on car seats, where the upholstery sucks the hairs in for future release on formal wear only. Or so it seems.

If you’re a pet lover sharing space with several shedders, this brush will help you keep surfaces under control. Waste-free. It’s a nice discovery and, in my mind, a good stocking stuffer.

Post Author: Christine Emming