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Don’t Let Family Sabotage Your Diet

Don’t Let Family Sabotage Your Diet

5 Ways to Keep Dear Ones From Derailing Your Diet

5 Ways to Retrain Your Taste Buds

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Improving Heart Health

New York City-based cardiologist Robert Ostfeld, M.D., is the founder…

8 Tricks to Calm Runaway Food Urges

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Ha-Ha Yourself Healthy!

Ha-Ha Yourself Healthy!

The Surprising Facts About Laughter and Health

Why Am I So Tired?

11 Reasons You Never Feel Rested—and What You Can Do…

How Pets Make Us Healthier

Anyone with a beloved pet will tell you that there…

Stop Procrastinating

Four great strategies that help you beat procrastination.

Mental health

Six Memory Joggers for Overloaded Brains

Six Memory Joggers for Overloaded Brains

I confess that my memory is somewhat sketchy. While I rarely forget a friend’s birthday (thanks to Facebook!), I’m terrible with names. And…

Identify Your Character Strengths and Put Them Into Action

My sister Jenny loves to liven up dinner parties by…

How to Break a Bad Habit in 20 Seconds

We all have habits we would like to modify. Vibrant…

The Four Things Happy People Have in Common

Heather Quintana previews and article in the January/February 2014 issue…