Women and Heart Disease: Are You at Risk?

Even when the cardiologist gave Lynne Stewart her lab results, this 54-year-old teacher was convinced that she hadn’t had a heart attack. “A heart attack? That’s a `man’s disease.’

I had a backache, not chest pains. How could that be a heart attack?”

Carmen, 49, reacted the same way when she awoke only to find herself in the coronary care unit (CCU) of the local hospital. “How could I have had a heart attack? I’m a middle-aged woman, not an older man. I had no signs or symptoms.”
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Bare Your Chest, Examine Your Breast

Cancer, no one ever wants to hear that word! It’s one of the most frightening words a person can ever hear. In fact I think most people would agree with me that when they hear the word cancer they immediately think death. And let’s face it: all of us probably know someone with cancer. Maybe it’s your friend, family member, or it could even be you.

October is breast cancer awareness month, which I think is such a wonderful thing. It’s so important for us as a society to come together and continue to educate our fellow brothers and sisters on cancer. Knowledge is power. The more we know and can learn about cancer the more empowered we can be to fight the disease and to offer support to those that are in the battle. And that’s really what cancer is; it’s a battle in every true sense of the word. 

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