Becoming a More Peaceful Person

While waiting in a long checkout line at a store, one woman remains calm and content, while the woman behind her is irritated and frustrated. When cut off in traffic, one man simply continues driving toward his destination, while another man blows his car horn, shouting obscenities. If nothing is going on, one person sits quietly […]

Do Politics Make You Angry?

Anger triggers a fight or flight response that floods the body with stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, and you experience a surge of blood sugar. When you’re in an argument, this stress response reduces your ability to discuss a situation rationally. It also reduces your short-term memory. […]

Headline Stress Disorder

If hearing news about politics, world crises, natural disasters, and crime heighten your sense of anxiety and stress, you may have what some experts refer to as “headline stress disorder.” Researchers have found that all that bad news can wear on your sense of well-being, making you more likely to worry and imagine worst-case scenarios […]

The of Spiritual Simplicity

When Ron’s wife died from cancer at the young age of 37, it forever changed him. A driven, corporate executive, Ron decided to rethink his priorities and live more simply. So he quit his job and became a consultant who was paid on an hourly basis. That eliminated his 70-hour workweeks and provided him with […]

Stop the Stress Cycle

We’re living in the age of anxiety. People now report being more worried about stress and anxiety than any other heath concern, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sounds like it’s time to find a way out of the overwhelming stress spiral. Imagine this: You’re at the doctor’s office for an annual checkup. Excitedly, you […]

Common Holiday Stresses—and How to Calm Them

Does anyone ever have enough time to prepare for the holidays? It seems like the season for carols, Christmas decorations, and gift giving arrives long before anyone is truly ready. And after a few rushed, jam-packed weeks, it’s all over, leaving you with little to show for it except credit card bills and a few […]

7 Signs You’re Too Stressed

Leah Lambart has suffered from migraines for as long as she can remember. But five years ago, soon after she left her full-time job to stay home with her 2-and-a-half-year-old son and 4-month-old daughter, her headaches became debilitating, kicking off a cascade of stress-related health problems. “I wasn’t taking great care of myself,” Lambart says. […]