Horehound and Mullein

Nature’s Double-barreled Assault on Colds and Coughs


Most mints have a pleasant aroma and inviting taste. Not this one. Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) tastes bitter and boasts very little aroma, although the leaves do offer a tangy smell when rubbed together. The plant is indigenous to Mediterranean Europe and central Asia, but has now become established throughout central Europe, Australia, and North America. All for good reason.
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Pass Me the Licorice

An ancient remedy finds modern

Licorice is commonly found in the traditional herbal formulations of many cultures. It has been used therapeutically for centuries in both Eastern and Western medicine to treat various conditions. Today, licorice is the most commonly used herb in traditional Chinese medicine, often administered in combination with other herbs.
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Herbal ecstasy, or relief for respiratory problems?

Supplements containing ephedra products are very popular in the United States. Today they are commonly used as energy boosters to enhance physical performance, or as appetite suppressants to aid in weight-loss regimes. Truck drivers have also used these supplements to sustain alertness and reduce fatigue.
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