Why Exercise is the Best Medicine

Between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from headaches each year. Many of those headache sufferers often turn to medication or retire to a dark room waiting for the pain to go away. However, other headache sufferers are finding relief by taking a proactive approach. Before headaches strike, they engage in aerobic exercise.

Their results are impressive: people who engage in aerobic exercise get fewer headaches, their headaches are less severe, and they have less of a need for serious drug-therapy programs. “People who regularly walk briskly or jog have reported dramatic improvements in their headaches,” declare Dr. Alan M. Rapoport and Dr. Fred D. Sheftell, founders and directors of the New England Center for Headache in Stamford, Connect-icut, and authors of several books about headaches.
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Tired of Being Tired?

Randi Rossman battled fatigue for more than 15 years without ever suspecting its cause. “It was bad–there was probably a day or two a week that I just lost, where I could not move out of bed. Then if I actually moved out of bed, I’d have `brain fog,'” says Rossman, 40. Although she had asked doctors about her continual tiredness before, she says she eventually gave up because so many attributed her symptoms to stress or suggested that she seek counseling. “I lived with it for so long, and was told for so long that it was stress or me being crazy, that I didn’t let many people know that I was dealing with it,” she explains.
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Herbal ecstasy, or relief for respiratory problems?

Supplements containing ephedra products are very popular in the United States. Today they are commonly used as energy boosters to enhance physical performance, or as appetite suppressants to aid in weight-loss regimes. Truck drivers have also used these supplements to sustain alertness and reduce fatigue.
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Getting Your Z’s Safely With Valerian

Shakespeare once described sleep as the balm of hurt minds, and that which knits up the raveled sleeve of care. Just how important is a good night’s sleep to recharge the batteries and restore the brain’s hard drive to high-working efficiency? It is very important. Furthermore, restful sleep can also stave off fatigue and mild depression.
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