Overweight? Is Your Family the Cause?

The recent news about the number of overweight Americans is-to say the least-troubling. According to the National Institutes of Health, one half of all adult Americans are heavier than they should be, while 22 percent are obese (20 percent or more above one’s desirable weight) based on the latest government guidelines. Even worse is the fact that 25 percent of all children and adolescents are considered to be overweight or obese-a figure that’s doubled since the 1960s. What all this adds up to is that Americans are now “the fattest people on earth” according to Michael Fumento, author of the book The Fat of the Land.
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Cultivating the Fine Art of Good Fathering

When Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency on August 9, 1974, he gave a farewell speech to his White House staff. During that speech, which came at a time of great personal crisis for the president, Nixon remembered his father. After describing his father’s series of career failures as a streetcar motorman, farmer, rancher, and grocer, Nixon declared: “But he was a great man.”

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