Overweight? Is Your Family the Cause?

The recent news about the number of overweight Americans is-to say the least-troubling. According to the National Institutes of Health, one half of all adult Americans are heavier than they should be, while 22 percent are obese (20 percent or more above one’s desirable weight) based on the latest government guidelines. Even worse is the fact that 25 percent of all children and adolescents are considered to be overweight or obese-a figure that’s doubled since the 1960s. What all this adds up to is that Americans are now “the fattest people on earth” according to Michael Fumento, author of the book The Fat of the Land.
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Childhood Obesity

Alarming statistics show that childhood obesity contributes to diabetes, hyperglycemia, and high blood pressure. The popular notion that overweight children will “outgrow” their condition is not realistic. Childhood obesity is one of the most prevalent nutrition problems among children, exceeding iron deficiency anemia, the previous leader. Twenty-five percent of American children are now obese; this is not a game to play with a child’s health.

Poor food choices are often to blame for obesity. Flirting with excessive snacking, frequent romps to fast-food restaurants, and repetitive “just-this-once” high-fat food choices all contribute to childhood obesity. Quick-grab snacks among kids include chips, cookies, soda, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries. A recent survey of grade-school children showed that only about 25 percent had eaten five servings of fruits and vegetables during any given day.

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Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has gone wild! In fact, it has gone so wild as to be called an epidemic in the United States. I’ve recently gotten hooked on this summer’s reality T.V. show entitled Shaq’s Big Challenge. Any of you heard of it? Well, NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal has taken it upon himself to select […]