Love, Sex, and a 30-Day Challenge

So, over the week of Valentines that I was away, my husband sent me an E-mail with an article attached regarding a 30-day sex challenge. Hmmm, not sure what he was hinting at. Anyways, when you talk about sex––no less a 30-day sex challenge––would you ever think a church would be the driving force behind it? No, I didn’t either; but it’s really true!

The Relevant Church in Tampa Bay Florida has done just this. It’s issued a 30-Day Sex Challenge to all its members. Unmarried members are to abstain from sex for thirty days, while married couples are to have sex every day for thirty days. Wow! I’m sure all you married guys out there are asking how do you get signed up? While most of you gals (like me) are thinking: you’ve got to be kidding me, right?

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