To enhance immune function

Echinacea (pronounced eK-i-NAY-sha) is the top-selling herbal supplement in the United States today, accounting for almost 10 percent of herbal sales. Its principal use is for the treatment of colds and upper respiratory tract infections. Its popularity stems from the fact that it has minimal side effects compared with the various cold medications on the market. Echinacea is also valued for its reported ability to enhance immune function.

There are nine varieties of echinacea indigenous to North America that grow in the Midwest and central plains. These members of the daisy family have dark cone-shaped flower heads, with radiating petals that are mostly colored shades of rose, pink, or purple. The roots of echinacea are harvested in the autumn after the plants have gone to seed. The fresh above-the-ground parts are usually harvested at blooming time.
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Cat’s Claw

Within your body there is an amazing protection mechanism–a system that protects you from all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and toxins. It’s your immune system. Your immune system works around the clock in so many different ways. It is a very intricate and complex system for eliminating and incapacitating any foreign invader. Sometimes the immune system overreacts to a certain stimuli, and you get an allergic response.
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