Oh, My Aching Back

A major culprit is low back pain, and in my book it’s one of the worst things possible! My low back trouble began during my first pregnancy. It was no surprise that my back became weakened by the “heavy load” I was carrying around, and one little twist the wrong way would have me on the floor crying in pain.

Well, two years later and things still have not gotten any better. In fact, this weekend has found me on the couch with a bad backache. I made a wrong move in the wrong direction that greatly affected my back muscles. The first day wasn’t so bad; I just felt a little sore. But by the next morning I could hardly move––let alone stand up straight. So, I’ve been doing the normal routine (rest, apply heat, and take ibuprofen). Luckily, my husband has been kind enough to give me massages with the typical over-the-counter muscle rubs, which have brought some relief too.

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