Protect Your Family From Antibiotic Resistance

Last year when Meredith started getting symptoms of a sinus infection, this 44-year-old teacher and busy mother of three opted to call her doctor’s office and describe the symptoms to the nurse instead of going in for an evaluation. After speaking with the doctor, the nurse called in a prescription for antibiotics to the local pharmacy. A few months later when Marilyn was preparing for the family’s vacation, she again called the nurse and asked for several refills of the antibiotic “in case she became ill.”

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Cures for the Cold

Well, I think Fall has finally arrived! For most of the country we have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather which I guess has its perks. However, if you’re like me, the changing seasons are welcomed. I love Fall. However, it has its unpleasant side too. The beginning of Fall marks the beginning of cold/flu season. You and your family members may, in fact, experience the nasty side of this time of year and perhaps be wishing for summer all over again.

The impending season change was apparent to me this week. Fall has made its mark on me with my first cold of the season. I really hate being sick. It’s just not fun, just all of a sudden, out of nowhere came a horrible sore throat. I mean, it was awful. I thought I would cry each time I had to swallow, let alone eat. Then after about 48-hours my sore throat was gone, and I was left with nasal congestion and a slight cough, which I’m tolerating.

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