The Family Road Trip

So, this week we’re leaving on a “vacation”. I call it that because anything outside of a thirty-mile radius of our home is a vacation!

However, I’m really dreading it. Not because I don’t want to go visit my husband’s family or see his brother graduate from college. No, I’m dreading it because for some reason we always live a vacation nightmare.

I’m sure you know how it goes. No matter how hard you try, something inevitably goes wrong despite your every desperate attempt to make it go right!

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Anger Management

Once again I’m horrified by what I’ve witnessed on the news. A father kills his four children by throwing them off a bridge after an argument with his wife. The children’s ages ranged from the oldest at three years old and the youngest only four months old. I’m so deeply saddened, and my heart goes out to their mother.

I just don’t understand. How does a father kill his own children? Helpless creatures that have just begun to live, so innocent. Just because we bring these children into the world doesn’t mean we have the right to play God.

I just can’t imagine what kind of fear those children must have felt to have the person they trusted to take care of them drop them off a bridge into murky waters below to drown. It’s absolutely sickening to the very core!

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Through A Child's Eyes

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas. Everyone’s in a cheery mood. There’s hustle and bustle everywhere you turn. No parking spaces at the mall; the grocery stores and restaurants are crowded. Christmas music fills the air, and the sight of holiday lights warms the heart.

Everyone’s preparing for the big day. That means a big meal, big gifts, and lots of time spent with family and friends. It really is very special. I, like everyone else, have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get gifts together. I’ve already bought for my kids and husband, but it’s the rest of the family that has me in a whirl. I like to give personal gifts, so the past four days I’ve spent most of my waking  hours on making photo Christmas gifts for all the grandparents. It’s been so time consuming that my house looks like a tornado hit it (ha-ha), my poor family. As you can imagine, it’s become the big joke this week, “So, you’re still on the computer?” that’s the playful banter I usually hear. I promised this week would be better, but I have a feeling it won’t be.

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Dealing with the Stress of a Newborn

I’m going to be honest with you; this week I’m at a loss for words. And if you knew me you would know that never happens. I usually always have something to say; just ask my husband! I think I’ve just been a little stressed-out taking care of the baby, the toddler, the husband, the house . . . you get the point, right? Then to add to it, I started back to my part-time job working at the pediatricians’ office last week. I thought it would be a stress reliever to get out amongst the living, but it’s actually more stressful because I leave my set of screaming kids to deal with other peoples screaming kids.

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Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has gone wild! In fact, it has gone so wild as to be called an epidemic in the United States. I’ve recently gotten hooked on this summer’s reality T.V. show entitled Shaq’s Big Challenge. Any of you heard of it? Well, NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal has taken it upon himself to select […]