Dealing with the Stress of a Newborn

I’m going to be honest with you; this week I’m at a loss for words. And if you knew me you would know that never happens. I usually always have something to say; just ask my husband! I think I’ve just been a little stressed-out taking care of the baby, the toddler, the husband, the house . . . you get the point, right? Then to add to it, I started back to my part-time job working at the pediatricians’ office last week. I thought it would be a stress reliever to get out amongst the living, but it’s actually more stressful because I leave my set of screaming kids to deal with other peoples screaming kids.

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Everybody Sleeps

Finally, two weeks ago I delivered my baby! He is just perfect! However, like most babies his sleep schedule is a little different from mine. His first week of life he decided that midnight until 3 a.m. was a good time to be awake. I didn’t agree. This second week he has been choosing a […]

Just a Little R and R

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation. A time to de-stress and decompress from the daily rat race in which we live. I would say for most people summer vacation is the perfect time to do just that. We plan most of the year for those precious few weeks when we are free from the […]