Drink Up!

As a health-conscious individual, you take pride in maintaining your body at an optimal level. You work out, eat healthy low-fat diets, and even take supplements.

But are you overlooking perhaps the most basic of all health-enhancing substances–water?

Water’s pivotal role in life is reflected in the composition of the human body. Accounting for approximately 60 percent of the weight of an average person and nearly two thirds of our complete structure, water’s presence is pervasive throughout our system. Next to oxygen, water is the most essential element in our physiology. We can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water. Water comprises 80 percent of blood, 73 percent of the brain, 73 percent of muscle, and 22 percent of bone. Without ample reserves of this critical fluid many major body processes would be severely hindered.
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The Grace of Gardening

You know the drill. From the moment the alarm clock sounds, you’re rushing at warp speed. Get up. Get the kids up. Grab a shower. Get the kids ready for school. Rifle through the cupboards for a cereal breakfast. Scoop the car keys. Grab the kids’ sack lunches, backpacks, homework, and you’re out the door. Whew! Before you’ve even begun the day, you’re frazzled, disconnected, and out of sync. Were we meant to live like this? Dr. Eva Shaw, Ph. D. author of Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan, doesn’t think so.

Blame our breakneck pace on the Industrial Revolution, the need for a two-income household or just the velocity of modern times. Wherever the blame lies, sometimes it can seem like we need a dose of therapy just to cope. But before you send your fingers walking through the yellow pages for a psychologist or group therapist, take a look at your thumb. Even if it’s not green, you can benefit from a bit of garden therapy.
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Live With Purpose

Successful people—and companies—throughout time have been led by mission statements.

Get inspired tow rite your own mission statement by reading some of the best mission statements of famous people and corporations.

Mission Statements of Famous People

Nelson Mandela: “To end apartheid.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Social equality for all.”
Walt Disney: “To make people happy.”
Mother Teresa: “To show mercy and compassion to the dying.”

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