Simple Creative Salads

Salads at home once meant iceberg lettuce topped with a few carrots and perhaps a tomato. A salad was just a bland diet food or a precursor to a meal. Not so today. With all the varieties of greens now available at the supermarket, it has never been easier to make a healthy and tasty salad.

To turn a plain-Jane salad into a spectacular dish, just pick a blend of greens and add your favorite ingredients. It’s that simple and the possibilities are infinite when it comes to the delicious and healthy salad creations you can make. So let these recipes inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy a great salad every day.

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Vegetarian Nutrition

What’s the safest way to shed excess pounds, avoid high cholesterol and heart disease, and even cut your risk for certain types of cancer? “With a vegetarian diet,” says author Neal Barnard, M.D. “It’s the most powerful prescription for health I can suggest.”

Although the average vegetarian is slimmer and healthier than the average meat-eater, says Dr. Barnard, there is still a good deal of skepticism that an entirely vegetarian diet can provide complete nutrition. After all, in 1928 presidential candidate Herbert Hoover rallied supporters by promising “a chicken in every pot.” The dream realized, Americans are more out of shape than ever, with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other diet-driven illnesses claiming many thousands of lives each year. So what if we traded those chickens for spaghetti marinara, veggie burgers, lentil soup, or even a bean burrito? Would we turn the tide on many chronic illnesses? Physicians and dietitians say yes.
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Thinking About Drinking Milk?

As scientific investigators have traced the causes of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, migraines, and digestive problems, the least likely suspect had to be milk. We poured it on our cereal, pushed it on our children, and couldn’t imagine it to be anything but healthful. But more and more researchers now view milk with skepticism about its benefits and concern about its risks. They are linking the epidemics of prostrate cancer, digestive problems, and other ills to our habitual consumption of specific foods including-and especially-milk.

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mushroomsThere are more than 14,000 types of mushrooms. About 3,000 of those are edible, and 700 have known medicinal properties. Here’s an up close look at this surprisingly healthy food.
Mushrooms are well known for their taste, texture, and versatility. During cooking the flavor normally intensifies, so they are a savory addition to anything from soups and salads to sandwiches and pizza. In fact, mushroom extracts are increasingly being added to food supplements and health beverages.
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Superfoods To The Rescue

The words “You are what you eat” always seem to pop into my head whenever I find myself indulging in one of my guilty food pleasures. Mostly it’s when I’m overtired or stressed that I reach for one of my favorite comfort foods. It’s like a “high” in the beginning with each spoonful of yummy goodness––almost as if it’s washing away all the cares of the world. However, by the end of my splurge, even though I’m overly full (stuffed!), I feel empty and unsatisfied. I’m in need of more, and yet feeling absolutely horrible that I ate such an unhealthy and not very nourishing food that I almost feel sick! Do you ever feel like that?

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Red Bush Tea

The mild taste of Africa-grown rooibos—pronounced Roy-boss—(Aspalathus linearis) has made it a very popular ingredient in various herbal-tea blends. The name means “red bush;” a flowering shrub that grows in the Cedarberg mountain region in South Africa’s western cape, north of Cape Town.

Rooibos is an erect shrub that grows about five feet high. It sports reddish-brown stems and bright-green needlelike leaves. Since it’s a legume, the root contains nodules inhabited by nitrogen-fixing bacteria. This characteristic enables the plant to survive the nutrient-poor, acidic soils of the Cedarberg region.
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