Stress: Your Worst Enemy

The skier perches at the gate awaiting the signal, muscles tense, throat dry, heart racing.

The patient sits in a windowless room awaiting the needle, tense, sweating, heart pounding.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline race through both of their bodies. Their bloodstreams flood with glucose, and their hearts quicken to provide oxygen and fuel to their muscles for the qualifying run or the sprint from the clinic.

The skier spent her energy on the slope. The patient passed out.
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Cancer… Again

How lucky can a person be, anyway? Five years’ worth of lucky? That’s the target date most oncologists quote for official membership as a breast cancer survivor. Really, the buildup begins at three years running. You start to feel a tingle of hope. Four years? Now, that’s different. You might as well forget the tingle and confess downright anticipation. It’s the ultimate home stretch.

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Look On The Bright Side

There’s a proven connection between positive thinking and a number of life benefits, including a stronger immune system, lower stress, and better coping skills.

If thinking positively has so many advantages, why don’t we all live in a state of complete bliss and happiness? The answer is twofold: Consistently adopting a positive attitude is not always easy, and few people care to admit that they are negative in the first place.

In researching this article, I spoke with dozens of men and women in an attempt to find someone who would admit to battling negativity. My success rate? Zero. These same people were also (understandably) hesitant to talk about those they know who tend to have a more pessimistic outlook.

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