Fit Pregnancy Part 1: Diet and Exercise

Being pregnant is no easy task. Trust me on this one; I’m living proof. And trying to have a “fit pregnancy” sometimes seems like an unachievable goal. You might be saying to yourself, “Exercise and watching my diet for the next nine months is not what I signed up for.” However, having a fit pregnancy is so much more than just exercising and eating healthfully. It’s also about having a “fit” spiritual, mental, and emotional experience when you’re pregnant.

This week I’m going to focus on the diet and exercise part of pregnancy. Let me share a little of my own story. When I got pregnant with our first child I already had a firmly established exercise routine. I think I have mentioned before that I’m a little of a gym junkie, at least that’s what my husband says. So I was going to the gym two hours every night, probably about four times a week. Seems like a lot, I know. My husband and I had been trying for a little over a year to get pregnant with no luck. Then finally that sweet day arrived; I was pregnant!

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Hi, I’m Karene. I’ll be your weekly blogger to discuss all kinds of issues regarding health and wellness. I’m really excited to share with you information and personal views on physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I believe the only way we can change our lives is to be educated using the oldest and most recent information, so I hope I can bring that to you. By oldest I mean from the Bible. This and the most recent; the latest insights into modern health.

First, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a registered nurse with my background in labor and delivery and pediatrics. I’m married with one child and another one on the way. I’m also a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic, so my diet and all around physical health has become a major concern in my life. Right now the passions in my life are my family. I am a full time mommy, and taking care of my little girl is the joy of my days! My hobbies include hiking and scrap booking, even though these days I don’t have much time for either. My husband says I should add exercising to my list of hobbies since I am kind of a gym junky, ha ha!

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